Back to racing!

Sunday 10th May was my second race of the season and second race since undergoing the knee and hand operations.

The setting was Wasing near Basingstoke and the race was Round 3 of the Southern XC championships. There were many of Cyclepaths bike shop rivals on site so making a good impression was key.

The track was totally insane for an XC race, it was more like an Enduro race warranting bigger more aggressive tyres and far bigger suspension…. so this was starting to play in my favour!

After completing a lap of the 5kn track in practice, it was clear to me that this was the day, track and conditions that leaned toward my style of racing.
I started on the second row (around 20 riders in front of me), put some sheer aggression and power into the start to lift me into the top ten then went on the attack hunting down riders 1 by 1. Most of my overtakes were completed on the technical sections of the track where my off road DH style riding comes into play. Going into the third and final lap I was sitting in fourth position. Unfortunately the front two riders were too fats for me to chase but the third sport was mine for the taking!

Thanks to the guys at Southern XC for the mention in their blog update. Check it out here.

Video footage coming soon.

photo from race wasing xc

Photo credit Southern XC


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