Downmall series. Round 3, Frankfurt.

Round 3 of this spectacular race series was held in the monstrous shopping centre ‘My Zeil’ in Frankfurt.

My previous 2 races in this series had been hugly educational and like nothing I had ever done before, therefore my results saw me skip just outside the top ten on both counts.

Down Mall - MyZeil

Scraping the ceiling. Captured by Holger Menzel.

The Frankfurt course had far more flow than the others and grip levels were dramatically increased by using the right set finally!

Down Mall - MyZeil

Adrenaline on the first escalator. Captured by Holger Menzel

Qualifying went smoothly and after a cautious run I was sitting in 5th place. I was very happy with the progress and just needed to hang on in the final run to claim my top ten objective for the weekend.

The final race run went to plan but the other competitors stepped up their game too which sat me in 7th overall. Happy to tick off the ‘top ten objective’; next is top five then #chasingthepodium

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