Flying in Falmouth

Falmouth is about as far as you can go south before hitting the sea! Its a lovely seaside town with a great atmosphere……..

This is mainly due to the fact it has a huge University and there are students everywhere. The University hosts the UK’s only Urban downhill event and Sunday 17th April was the date. The weather was great and the course had been made longer due to more buildings in place on the campus. Unfortunately I missed out on last years race due to my knee surgery rehabilitation so a result this year was needed! I took the Alpine 160 and the Crush, both were setup for short urban courses. The first few practice laps were done on the Alpine then I switched to the Crush as I felt faster initial acceleration was needed. The race itself was well spectated and had large crowds all down the course.

Here is my course preview using the Kaiser Baas X150 Action camera….

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


I was leading by just under 6 seconds after the first run which felt great but I knew I could get an extra second on the final run. As I came out the start gate my right shoe un-clipped leaving me off balance and without power. Once I clipped back in the Crush lead me aggressively to the finish line having knocked another 0.400 off my first lap meaning I won by over 6 seconds was the final result.







After the race we stayed in Falmouth for the week shooting the new Kaiser Baas film. The film will be coming soon but here’s a teaser of what it may entail…