Happy new year Everyone

New year New start.

On the 7th January I went under the knife of the UK’s most successful knee surgeon, Adrian Harvey. I had my Anterior Crutiate Ligament and Medial Collateral Ligament reconstructed using grafts from my other legs hamstring. This operation took around 3 hours and it has been extremely painful in the past two weeks. The majority of pain comes from the missing grafts of hamstring in my right leg, the best way of describing it is like you have been stabbed in the back of the leg!
The surgeon has said it is expected to take me 12 months to recover from the surgery but being an elite athlete with the support and expertise from Jan Annis and her team at ‘Heal to Toe’ in Upton I should have a much faster recovery. Im also very luck to have the guys at For Goodness Shakes on board to help me with the nutritional side to rehabilitation.

My aims for 2015 are very simple and calculated, I want to get back to full fitness then enter the 2015 Taxco Downhill race on the 24th October. This gives me exactly 9 months 2 weeks 3 days, here we go….

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