March Update

This Wednesday (18th March) is my 10 week post knee operation date. This is a very important period of my rehabilitation as the grafts in my knee are reaching their revascularization peak period and starting to grow into new ligaments. This is both fascinating and painful!

bike new

Gentle road ride to gain mileage and push the distance.

static bike

Boring static rides have to be done twice per day to keep the physio schedule on track.

To add to the drama of my knee problems I also had a broken hand which has now finally fixed, the hand surgeon put a small bolt through the center of my scaphoid bone to hold it in place. It pretty cool!

hand xray

My fixed hand! New bolt through the center of the scaphoid bone.

During my time of rehab and recovery, I have learnt and am learning new things about the human body every day. The immense power our bodies’ have of healing themselves after surgery is mind blowing! The total predicted time for me to recover and start racing properly is still October

. benchpress

The Urban Downhill World Series final is on 25th October 2015, this is precisly 9 months and 3 weeks from the day of my surgery. My doctors, Surgeons and Physio’s all believe this date is realistic. However, last week I met with my surgeon Adrian Harvey who said my recovery is going even better than we first thought it would. My next meeting with him is in early July and he believes if I can keep up the intense physio I am completing 4 times a day, then he may be able to give me the full go ahead July! This was the best news I’ve had in ages. It opens up the possibilities of many other races through the end of the summer race calendar.

To reach the milestone I have comes from massive support, help and encouragement from my family, Friends and of course sponsors. I would especially like to thank my 4 main sponsors for sticking by me through this rough time. They are all worth checking out when you have 2 minutes to kill! Cyclepaths TF Tuned For Goodness Shakes Veho Cameras

static bike shake drink

Drink driving is a crime. Drinking For Goodness Shakes and cycling is not!


My awesome Giant Trance SX supplied by CyclePaths and customized by TF Tuned.